Sunday, August 30, 2009

This is for Grandma!!!

What an adorable smile.

Pure entertainment. It's no wonder why Cody loves to watch his brothers.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cody Jack has arived!!!!

The Boys declared this day CAMO Day, Cody had camo socks.
At Lowes on Saturday mornings the boys participate in build it workshops.

Cody Jack wearing his shirt that Jesse made him. Cody loves to eat and sleep. He is already putting on the weight.

I asked the boys to watch the baby for a few minutes for me. This is how they babysat, he became a nerf target practice.

Cody is not quite sure what he has gotten into. So far he is a very calm baby, when there is noise. When it is quiet he gets anxious. I guess he's use to the noise in our house.

Cody Jack
8.9 lbs.
July 14, 2009

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm Back!!!

Well school's out and summer is here. I can join the blogging world again. Since I last blogged we've discovered we're having boy number 4. He will be here in about a month. So I need to change our 3 Amigos to something new.

It's nice to be off for summer break, but it is difficult being pregnant in this heat. Luckily we have a pool where I can cool off and relax. When I'm in the pool I really forget I'm pregnant, although I remember quickly when I try to get out. Here is a picture of me at the pool.

Jake is at adventure camp this week. They get to go hiking, fishing, look at race cars, shoot bow and arrows and more. He loves it. When we were trying to pick out a fun camp for him to go to he told me, "I'm not so much a sports kind of guy". He loves science and outdoor stuff. Next week Jesse and Jake will go to Lego camp. We'll see how that goes. Sammy and I will get to hang out together. I don't think he's very excited about that. He thinks he should do everything the big boys do.

By the way, we still don't have a name for the baby. With Sammy we had to go back 3 days after he was born. Matt and I have always had a hard time agreeing on names. This time I finally told him I couldn't deal with it anymore and he would have to pick the name by himself. Now I regret saying that because he's holding me to it. I can suggest names though. So if anyone out there has a cute name they could share we could use some help.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Jesse's Girl

Sorry I haven't been blogging. Life is just getting too busy. My mom once told me she felt like she was running up on an elevator that was going down and she wasn't making any progress. I think I finally truly understand what she was talking about. It's funny how wise mothers can be, too bad it takes being an adult to realize this. Anyway here is a few things we've been up to.

Jesse is learning to read! This is a video of him reading his very first book.

This is one of our favorite songs. Take a look.

Peace out bloggers.

Friday, September 19, 2008

I need web help!!!!!

So, I thought I was a blog expert because I've been blogging for 2 entire months now and I decided to go to the next level which would be a webpage. It's for school and so far it's a mess. It's definately not as easy as blogging. I can't figure out how to archive things. For example I want to put up the weekly spelling words, but I want them to be able to click on week 3 words, not see all words from every week. Also I want to archive the weekly labs instead of having them all out there. I need web help. Below is the link to the page, if anyone could give suggestions I would love it.

Please visit my web page at

Thursday, September 11, 2008

One Year Later...

This week marks the one year anniversary of the fatal shootings of 3 officers. This horrific day was our own September 11th. It has been a quiet week this week, no big memorials and the media has said little about the anniversary. But it still is very much on everyone's mind. Matt always said the best things about these 3 men. I remember when Arlie was training him, Matt told me how sweet Arlie was on the phone to his wife. He had little nicknames for her and he would get lovey dovy and gushy on the phone not caring who was around him. He was also a very devoted baptist. Matt said the only time he saw Arlie lose his cool was when someone was talking bad about baptists. Everyone looked up to and respected Arlie. Scott was a man who couldn't stop giving. Matt and Scott went to the academy together and instantly connected. Scott spent many hours at our house ripping up floors, putting in floors, fixing electrical problems etc. etc. etc. We learned later we weren't the only ones Scott gave hours and hours of service to. He always talked about how much he loved police work. I didn't know Able, but Matt has always talked about what a nice guy he was. I know he was loved by many.
Thousands turned out for each of their funerals. Although the churches were literally packed with standing room only the silence was awesome. There was such reverence for each of them. Hundreds of officers from departments all over the state and further attended in full uniform. At the end of each funeral the police chief gave a final roll call, this is how the police end their shift, he had to end their shift for them.
A lot has changed in a year but we still remember these 3 heros everyday. Matt has always called his fellow officers his brothers. This brought them even closer together. It has also taught me to enjoy life and love the people we care about. It also renewed my belief that we will see the people we love again.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday Night Lights

Well its that time of year again. Football season. Not just football season but high school football. Every Friday night this fall you will all know what my family is doing along with the entire town. When I was in high school, football games consisted of wearing your craziest school spirit outfit, standing the entire time talking to friends. I didn't know people actually watched the game. Anyway, football here is serious business. The high school kids get a little section way off on the end and the rest of the stands are for season ticket holder. That's us. We own the right to our seats for life. Crazy. Not my idea.
Although I know very little about football I will say that there is nothing quite like going to a game here. The stands are absolutely packed. Old and young come out to watch no matter the weather or time. We are die hard fans. One night the game was postponed because of a tornado warning. We calmly waited in the truck in the parking lot for the game to start. Although I'm not the biggest football fan the atmosphere and crowd are certainly fun and exciting. There is one thing I really don't get and that is the homecoming mums. They are huge. The bigger the better. Some have full sized stuffed bears on them. Then the ribbons have to drag on the floor. Even boys wear these mums. I don't see the beauty.